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Sport or walking

I am newbie here, but I need to write my question here...
How you think what to advise to my friend - to disaccustom to alcohol?

Sports or easier walks in the forest, at open air?
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Greetings everyone

Howdy i am a newb here. Hopefully i mighnt be able to contribute to this board, Just though i would come to say hey!

thank you.
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Paying my regards.

This is my first time posting so I wanted to take a moment and say hello to everyone!
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family guy

Greetings im new to this forum, I have been looking around for sometime as a guest and thought id pop in and introduce myself.
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MAG.CM - magazine front cover

create your very own fake magazine covers, its quick & simple, Just upload your photo, select your design & your done! Then with a click of a button you can share it with your friends!

your magazine cover
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Message prohibé
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bin, vous voulez que je m'exprime !


Moi, je voudrais juste savoir comment vous faites pour avoir autant de votes sur 12 maxi avec si peu de membres ??? +1

J'aimerai comprendre, mais sans doute un système que vous voudrez pas avouer !
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je passe

hello gadget27,je ne t'oublie pas ,je passe faire un ptit vote.
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Bienvenue et Exprimez vous

Voilà  je teste... Ici sans inscription vous pouvez vous exprimer, faire un coucou et donner votre avis sur ce forum

Tous propos incorrect sera immédiatement supprimé :wink:
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